• Paramarq digital marketing
  • The Marketing Problem for SMEs

    Many SME’s are trapped in a downward spiral in the their marketing.

    • Previous marketing results have been patchy – especially in terms of generating sufficient good quality sales leads.
    • As result management do not trust marketing, so the marketing budget is cut.
    • Because of this marketing decisions are often driven by the lowest price consideration.
    • So fewer leads are generated.

    Our Approach

    We’ll help you generate more sales by:

    • Clarifying your marketing
    • Ensuring your website is efficient at generating leads
    • Promoting your website effectively to your target market(s).

    Once our recommendations have been implemented, we typically generate 50-350% more sales leads, from the same marketing budget. We can provide specific performance guarantees linked to performance improvements.

    We charge more than some on the basis we will deliver a much better overall return to you.

    We’ll provide systems and services, necessary to get your company to the next level, for a fixed monthly fee. Trial the service over 3-4 months and when happy continue / expand it.

    You’ll receive far more leads than using cheaper alternatives – without a long-term contractual lock in.