Paramarq’s results are impressive, but don’t just take our word for it – have a look at our client case studies. They were written and published by Google, not by us. Rather than sing our own praises, we let others do the talking.

Google case study: Moores Reupholstery and Paramarq

“Reupholstery as an industry has shrunk, but I’m covering a wider area¬† with Google for less money. Paramarq has helped make our AdWords campaigns more efficient and reduced the cost of them too.” more…

Martin Moore, Moore’s Reupholstery

Google case study: Miriam’s Munchies and Paramarq

Cathy embarked on a Google AdWords campaign after speaking to online marketing specialists, Paramarq. The results were instantaneous. “AdWords went live on Thursday, and at 10am Friday I had a phonecall from an agency asking if I could help out. I couldn’t believe it.” more...

– Cathy Smith, Miriam’s Munchies

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