• Paramarq digital marketing
  • Why a Marketing Proposition Definition is Essential

    Your website needs to differentiate your company from ever-increasing competition. Your marketing proposition needs to be understood by website visitors in just a few seconds. This means it needs to explain clearly and concisely why your company is different.

    Types of Marketing Differentiators

    There are many types of differentiators such as low prices, product quality, rapid delivery, performance guarantees, warranty periods, customer service and brand awareness.  But it’s not normally possible to tick every box. You need to be selective.


    In order to define your marketing proposition we will work with you to explore and define your:

    • Unique selling propositions
    • Competitive threats
    • Specific benefits
    • Strengths
    • Markets
    • Specific marketing proposition
    • Overall value proposition


    Once we’ve agreed on your differentiators we can help you to ensure they’re understood by website visitors in those first golden seconds.