• Paramarq digital marketing
  • We provide high quality WordPress (and WooCommerce) website development and maintenance.

    London Based

    We’re London based and offer face-to-face meetings to discuss WordPress technical and project-management issues.

    Indian WordPress Development

    We also have a simply fantastic, WordPress focused, development team in India. Together, we will roll out your WordPress website site: to spec – and on time.

    Types of Clients

    We work for a bank in New York and London – and lots of smaller companies who need their WordPress sites work as they want.

    How We Work

    We work on a fixed price basis.

    Adding that killer new WordPress feature? We’re up for it.

    One off fixes or longer term? You decide.

    Got a glitch? Call us, we’ll sort it.

    Need an instant development? Contact us.

    Your Next Step

    Contact us to discuss what you’d like to achieve.