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  • 10 Steps to Improve an Accountant’s Website

    You’ve got a website. But does it meet your business needs?

    A website is a sales machine. Sadly most accountant’s websites suffer from “a spanner in the the works”. One spanner (or typically many) will prevent your website from meeting your business needs – so removing them is highly cost-effective.

    My top 10 recommendations to remove the spanners – and ensure your website is effective at generating sales enquiries are:

    • Ensure your telephone number is on the top right of every website page.
    • Explain clearly and succinctly to potential clients how you can help – and then prove / justify your assertions.
    • Keep text simple and short – no more than 200 words per page. Use simple English suitable for a 12 year old.
    • Break up complex information into bullet points so that it can be easily scanned.
    • Have the courage to be totally authentic. Be the real you and set out what makes you special. Visitors demand honesty – rather than beauty – from your website. (Unless you’re also graphic designers.)
    • Ensure your website can be easily read and navigated on a mobile phone – without pinching.
    • Set up your Google My Business account. It’s free! But use a professional photographer to take pictures of:
      • The business exterior and interior
      • A staff group shot
      • Each member of staff
      • Helping real clients
    • Explain each service offered on a single page and then breakdown areas into sub pages.
    • Be positive and explain how you help – rather than what you don’t do.
    • Ensure your website pages load in 2 seconds. Every second of delay reduces the number of sales enquiries received by 7%.

    Each of the above points will provide a significant improvement to the cost-effectiveness of your website – but the total effect is compounded with each issue resolved.

    Contact us if you’d like help identifying problems on your website and improving its effectiveness.