10 Essential Pointers to A More Efficient Furniture Website

You’ve got 5-8 seconds to grab somebody’s attention when they land on your furniture website. Doing so efficiently will often lift sales 50-100%. So it’s incredibly cost effective.

Here’s 10 pointers as to how you do it.

Firstly look at your website in landscape mode on an iPad. Then with out having to scroll down the page ensure you:

  • Explain clearly and succinctly to your customers the benefits of the furniture and related services you offer. It’s shocking how often this gets lost in vague marketing waffle.
  • Provide independent evidence of credibility: certifications, awards, independent reviews etc. It will make your website more trustworthy.
  • Are authentic and sell what makes your company special. I’m gob smacked by how many people cut and paste content from competitor or supplier websites!
  • Don’t exaggerate or use hyperbole. You won’t fool anybody, your claims will be ignored and you’ll use up precious space.
  • Use conversational emotionally engaging text. Don’t use jargon.
  • Tell visitors what you want them to do: buy, call, or sign up.
  • Have a response form available on every page.
  • Display your telephone number on every page on the top right. (I’m staggered how often this is missing).
  • Use text that is easy to read – no small fonts or low contrast colours. This is because 20% of website visitors have reading difficulties. By making the site easy to read you’ll help all visitors – and it’s also a legal requirement (but nobody seems to care much).
  • Are different. “Me too” furniture on a “me too” website at a “me too” price is a perfect recipe to waste your time and marketing budget.

Do you want 50-100% more sales for the same marketing budget? If so, take action, starting now.

These principles should be used for any website from which you’d like to generate sales be it: finance, professional services, banking or insurance.