Advertising Example

Advertising Example

Brilliantly Simple Advertising Tesco This ad looks so simple, but it’s a work of genius. Here’s why:

Brand Jujitsu

Substantial sums have been invested into both the Tesco and Lidl brands. Tesco’s strap line of “Every little helps” is well recognised. But here Lidl uses Tesco’s brand equity directly against them – like brand jujitsu.


We’re swamped with thousands of ads per day which we fail to even notice. The clash between “little” and “Lidl” is subconsciously jarring. So we notice the ad.

Our Prejudices

We’re far more likely to notice information that agrees with our views and prejudices. So by appealing to our prejudices (Tesco=bad) we’re far more likely to notice the ad, in the first few vital tenths of a second.

Attention, Interest, Desire Action (AIDA)

The goal of sales and marketing can be summarised as AIDA. The billboard generates attention. Then the Lidl pun drives interest. Next desire is triggered – to get one over Tesco. So we’ll remember (action) a shop is about to open and so perhaps visit (action) and buy (action). All in just seven words. Brilliant. It looks so, so, so simple!

Next Steps

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