Six Key Steps to an Effective Website

Six Key Steps to an Effective Website

These are the six basic issues steps you need to address to ensure your website will be effective at generating sales or sales enquiries:

1) Fast loading

Your website needs to load fast every time – even on an old mobile phone with a poor signal.

A single-second delay will cost you 7% of your sales or enquiries. Millennials demand every page loads in less than 3 seconds – or else they’ll go elsewhere.

So make sure you’re website loads in 2 seconds.

2) Focus on Your Visitors’ Needs.

Don’t focus not on how wonderful you are.

Instead, explain exactly how you help your website visitors to achieve their goals. Give them the information they need, when they need it, to enable them to decide to contact you or buy from you.

3) Prove it!

Website visitors are nervous and sceptical. So provide independent proof of your customer services, quality and service levels.

Include on your website trade body membership, certification and anything that can independently prove you are honest and fair in your customer dealings.

4) Speak in the User’s Language

Always use the website visitors’ terminology. Explain acronyms and difficult terms so that they can understand your website easily.

5) Be Clear

Visitors will rarely read your website – they will probably scan it. So make scanning easy.

Break down complex ideas into bullet points.

A small light grey font on a white background may look super cool – but 20% of your visitors won’t be able to read it. Especially in a glare.

So, use fonts that can be easily read.

5) Be Succinct

Visitors don’t have the time and patience to read your site.

So, make their life easier: use simple words, phrases, sentences, and short paragraphs.

Stating how you help the visitor in 200 words is better than 2.000.

6) Make Navigation Easy

Make it easy for visitors to contact you or make a sale. The process should be so easy and intuitive that they don’t have to think about what to do next.

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