2 New QS Factors

Google Announce TWO New Factors Affecting Google AdWords Quality Scores

Maintaining high Quality Scores (QS) is key to successful AdWords marketing. So finding new factors affecting your QS is potentially big news. This is especially the case as Google have only explained a few of the estimated 200 factors affecting your precious QS.

What are the new QS factors?

Your QS will be affected adversely if:

  • Your website fails to process confidential information in a secure (https) environment. Obviously this is good business sense, but there are still a surprisingly large number of businesses that, for example continue to process credit card information using insecure unencrypted http based forms.
  • The back browser feature should not be disabled. Some companies do this in order to either:
  • Force visitors down a sales process – such as checkout, once they’ve started on this route


  • Ensure visitors, once they’ve landed on a website, do not then go back to the original Google search.

Google is essentially trying to ensure it displays only the most relevant, easily navigated and safe matches to the search request. Displaying the best answer to the search every time, means the habit of using Google and its brand is reinforced.

You can expect Google to penalise the QS for your AdWords campaign if it fails to match their overriding strategic interest.