Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing

Marketing to Support Sales Staff What would your sales people give to ensure each, individual, sales prospect was constantly exposed throughout your sales cycle to:
  • Your brand?
  • Plus, your product and service that’s most relevant to them?
  • Plus also, the aspect of your individual product/service most of interest to them?
You’d be automatically presenting the right sales message to your prospect. Day in, day out. Directly reinforcing your sales messages.

Too good to be true?

Well it isn’t. It’s available now. It’s easy to set up and deploy. So sales people, get speaking to your marketing people (you know – that odd lot in the corner). And get them to deploy Google Remarketing.

Google Remarketing

Be There

Adding Google remarketing code to your website should take minutes. Google also provides a really neat display advertising builder. You don’t even need tech skills. If you can use Word or PowerPoint you can use it.

Be Noticed

Remarketing ensures your prospects see your display adverts on the web when they’re reading the news, blogs, videos etc., often on major national media (like national newspapers) – so you can also leverage their brand equity.
Specific and highly targeted

Be Specific

But you can be more specific. If they’ve looked at a particular product (or service) – then they’ll see display adverts about that product. Cool eh? But it gets even better. Let’s say the product has versions that are “powerful”, “eco-friendly” or “money-saving” – and a prospect looks at the “powerful” version on your website. Then your prospects will see adverts all about your powerful product. Automatically. Directly reinforcing your brand, product and sales messages. This is surely marketing heaven – even for the sales guys. And Now the Bad News!
Remarketing is as cheap as chips
Remarketing used in this way really is cheaper than chips. It hardly requires a budget. Regrettably this means you’ve no excuse to leave it till tomorrow. Bad news procrastinators.

Be Closing Deals

So sales people, remarketing really can help you:
  • Reinforce your sales messages with each individual prospect.
  • Improve your credibility.
  • Close that deal.
Maybe marketing aren’t such a lot of bone-heads after all. But don’t tell them that. They could end up being friendly at the water-cooler! Shock, horror.

Next Steps

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